• East Gosford Physiotherapy is committed to Workplace Health and Safety and all our physios are accredited with Workcover and SIRA to manage work related injuries and get people back to work after  injury.

  • Stalled recovery from a workplace injury is frustrating for the injured worker and employer and East Gosford Physiotherapy can provide the solution with assessment of the worker and if required assessment of the workplace, to get the process back on track and help the worker become pain free again.

  • Our committed Physios at East Gosford Physiotherapy will manage the injury with our Pain to Performance model and design an individualized treatment pathway and Action Plan for recovery.

  • Workplace injury management will involve hands on treatment and advice on self-management with exercise and postural change

  • Your physiotherapist will then identify any causing factors which may be preventing recovery and a successful return to work

  • We are also available for ergonomic assessments and workplace audits to look for any causing factors which can be managed to prevent injury and pain in your workplace.

CONTACT US on 43237399 to organize a workplace assessment.


To do your own inhouse FREE workplace assessment or audit go to our Workplace safety ebook for easy ergonomic advice, and you will find our Ergonomic self-assessment protocol to download and complete.


If you have set up an office at home during the pandemic, or just working from home more regularly you may be starting to develop some aches and pains from this change in environment.

Watch this VIDEO to learn how to improve this situation and make your home workplace safe

If you are developing aches and pain from your HOME BASED WORK ENVIRONMENT, it may be that you are just spend too long in these positions, which can put stress on your neck or shoulders and cause PAIN.

Explaining correct sitting posture at work and home

What Can I Do About my Sore Neck and Shoulders when I’m at my home based work station?

Watch this Video to learn more about some simple pause exercises for your neck, shoulders and upper back.

Exercises to help pain in your forearms and wrists

Do these exercises regularly to help manage workplace related pain in your neck, shoulders and arms.

If you continue to experience pain despite all these self managed changes , its time to speak to one our experienced physios to assess and manage your workplace related pain .

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