Back or Neck Pain?
We have a solution

  • Is back pain stopping you enjoying life?
  • At East Gosford Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Centre we have highly trained Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists who work together to provide you with a solution to your reoccurring back pain.

Our Back Pain Solutions Program has 3 easy steps to get you pain free.

Step 1

Get you out of the pain cycle with hands on treatment.
‘Remove your PAIN’

Step 2

Improve your muscle control, core stability and posture.
This may include our Bounce Back Program.

Step 3

Functional Rehabilitation with strength and preventative strategies to
‘Improve your PERFORMANCE’

Bounce Back is an active rehabilitation program offered in a one on one situation or class to rebuild resistance to core stability.

Bounce Back suits:

  • Back and Neck Pain sufferers
  • Post surgical patients
  • Preparation for Pilates attendance (Pre Pilates)
  • Workcover injured patients

Back pain Solutions and Bounce Back Explained

Simple everyday back mobility exercises