Pain Management at East Gosford Physiotherapy

  • Are you in pain and do not know what to do?
  • Has your rehabilitation stalled?
  • Is your pain persisting, for longer than you expected?

If your pain has been there for over 3 months and you have seen other practitioners and your pain hasn’t resolved, its likely you have Chronic or Persistent pain.

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Acute and Persistent Pain

What Can I do to Resolve my Pain?

East Gosford Physiotherapy has developed a program for people with ongoing or Persistent Pain and who have stalled in their Rehabilitation.

Our specially designed program is called “East Gosford Strategic Pain Management for Stalled Rehabilitation”.

  • We will look at what is causing your pain and deal with any mechanical or movement issues, and then help you to settle down your oversensitive nervous system with the principals of Brain Plasticity.

  • We will help you “understand your pain” with some Pain Education. Understanding your pain and why you are still in pain is very important to improve your pain and to help you manage the fear of pain and movement.
  • Fear of Pain is normal, fear of movement because of pain can be a real problem and is NOT normal. (look at Fact Sheet 1 – use link)

  • We will help you understand how your brain may have  changed because of your pain and the fear of pain and give you a Management Plan to overcome this fear and move better.

  • CONTACT US- To learn more about our Strategic Pain Management Plan and have a Free telephone consultation to see if this program is right for you.

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Understanding your Pain – Where do we Start?


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The Oversensitive Nervous System and Central Sensitization


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Guide to
Activity Management


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Becoming Active Again – How the Protectometer Handbook can help


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Managing Sleep – Some Tips to Improve Sleep Habits