How do you assess my feet for orthotics?

  • East Gosford Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Centre has invested in special software and technology to access your foot biomechanics and function while you walk.
  • We will provide you will a computerised dynamic analysis of your foot function ( Gait Scan Assessment) to help understand and diagnose any underlying issues with your feet that could be contributing to your back , leg or foot pain.
  • Do you know poor foot function can lead to hip, knee and back pain?
  • Your Physiotherapist will use this Gait Scan Assessment to determine if a customised orthotic is appropriate for your condition.

How Do Orthotics Help?

  • Custom orthotics (specially designed for your feet) can significantly relieve foot and leg pain by realigning and stabilising the bones and muscles of your feet and help restore your natural walking pattern.

  • Gait Scan is a sophisticated software and hardware which analyses your foot function, as you walk across a special sensor platform.

  • This gives us a detailed image of foot function and gait which the eye can’t see.

  • Once the problem is understood your Physiotherapist can take action or prescribe orthotics to eliminate your pain.

Contact us to organise your personalised Gait Scan and Foot Assessment.