Do you Suffer from Hip Pain?
Are you having trouble sleeping because of your Hip Pain?

  • Our highly trained Central Coast Physiotherapists have a program for your hip pain.
  • Is your hip pain caused by
  • Osteoarthritis?
  • Bursitis?
  • Tendinopathy?

We will diagnose the cause of your pain and develop a program with 3 EASY STEPS

Step 1

Remove the pain’- pain management, with hands on treatment and gentle exercises and education of lifestyle changes which can make a huge difference.

Step 2

Restore and Rebuild’- The muscle around the hip need to become stronger as often gluteal and core weakness are a cause of ongoing hip pain.

Step 3

Improve Performance’- This will prevent the pain coming back while we get you doing the activities or sports you really enjoy.

Knee/ Ankle and Foot Pain?

  • Our expert Physiotherapists will consider you whole leg and assess your knee and foot to get you moving again.

  • Knee pain can be due to injury or weakness.

  • Wear and tear in the joints  is common as we age (over 40) and is called osteoarthritis.

    This can be managed really well with exercise and physiotherapy.

  • Don’t put up with knee arthritis and waiting for it to become bad enough for surgery.

  • We can help people avoid knee replacements with physiotherapy tailored to you and an individually designed exercise program.

Foot and Ankle problem?

  • Foot and ankle problems like osteoarthritis, planta fasciitis, heel spurs and achilles tendinopathy are common and can be treated by our experiences Physiotherapists.
  • East Gosford Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Centre has invested in technology to access your feet and provide you with a solution to foot and ankle pain.
  • We are able to dynamically assess your foot function with our Gait Scan to help you decide if orthotics will help your foot and ankle pain management.
  • We will also advise on exercise and use ‘hands on treatment’ to release stiffness and tightness to get you pain free.

  • We will find the right exercise program to help you manage your foot and ankle pain.

Hip Bursitis explained by a physio