Erectile Dysfunction

How can Physiotherapy help with
Erectile Dysfunction?

  • Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to achieve or maintain an erection and can be a result of many causes.
  • Erectile dysfunction is particularly common following a Radical Prostatectomy as the nerves which help in this function can be bruised or damaged.
  • Erectile dysfunction is also common in younger men who suffer from pelvic or genital pain and is often compounded by anxiety resulting from altered sexual function.
  • East Gosford Physiotherapy has developed a program to help men with erectile dysfunction improve their ability to gain and maintain an erection, with advice on anxiety management, pelvic floor control, cardiovascular exercise (see our “Back on Track” Program) and pain management.
  • An erection is a ‘cardiovascular event’, as the penis needs to fill with blood to become erect.
  • Lifestyle factors, diet, obesity and age are all factors which affect your cardiovascular health and can lead to reduced blood flow to the penis.
  • Exercise can help you release chemicals in the body which make your blood vessels more responsive to blood flow. Nitric Oxide is a chemical that is released in the body when you exercise and is responsible for relaxing the small muscles in your blood vessels walls and allowing them to dilate and allow better blood flow to your penis (essential to gain an erection)
  • Medication like Viagra also helps to temporarily increase blood flow and makes your blood vessels more sensitive to the natural vessel dilator – Nitric oxide. So if you require Viagra or similar medication to help your ED, then understanding how exercise can help is essential.
  • So improving lifestyle factors, like exercising more regularly and managing weight and diet can all significantly help with ED and our Back on Track program can educate you on how this can happen in your life into the future.
  • Your GP can advise you on medication that can help with ED and we advise men to improve their lifestyle factors.

How can East Gosford Physiotherapy Men’s Health program help you?

Our specially trained Men’s Health Physio’s can assess the factors which may cause erectile dysfunction and develop a plan to help.

It is well documented that cardiovascular exercise and pelvic floor muscle training can improve erectile dysfunction.

If pelvic or genital pain are an issue, we have a pain management program and techniques to help you overcome this and reduce the pain from preventing erection control and sexual enjoyment.

We often find management of stress and anxiety in conjunction with the above measures have a significant effect on restoring erection control.  Our “chill out zone” program will help you with this aspect of your problem. Watch this video to understand the chill out zone

Our Men’s Health Physio will look at all these factors in a thorough extended assessment and develop a management plan.  We will also refer you back to your GP or Specialist if we feel medical issues need addressing, or medication is required.

If you or your partner is experiencing erectile issues and would like some solutions, please book a confidential appointment with our Men’s Health physio.

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