Real Time Ultrasound Assessment for Deep Core Abdominal Training

  • Real time ultrasound is available at East Gosford Physiotherapy on the Central Coast.
  • This latest technology allows your highly trained Physiotherapists to ‘see’ your deep core muscles during contraction, while they are stabilising your spine.

Why use Real Time Ultrasound to help in spinal pain rehabilitation?

  • This ultrasound image provides the Physio with immediate knowledge to help you understand how to contract your core muscles. This immediate bio-feedback helps us identify wrong activation patterns, and gives us a better long term outcome.
  • If you suffer from recurrent Low Back Pain which has failed to respond to other treatment regimes- Real Time Ultrasound will help to identify the muscle control issues which can explain WHY!
  • A specific training program is then incorporated into your Physiotherapy Treatment Pathway for durable and lasting resolution of your Back Pain.
  • Contact East Gosford Physiotherapy and Sport Injuries Centre on the Central Coast for your Real Time Ultrasound analysis and you will be surprised by the great results.

Real Time Ultrasound for Pelvic Floor Re-Training and Incontinence

Do you know Ultrasound can significantly help in the assessment of Pelvic Floor weakness in both women and men who suffer from urinary incontinence?

Let our  Pelvic Floor Physiotherapists help you gain confidence again with your pelvic floor and bladder control.