Do you have Shoulder Pain which is NOT going away? We can help!

  • East Gosford Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Centre has developed a Shoulder Pain Program to help people who have shoulder pain which has NOT responded to other treatments or keeps coming back.

  • It is common for the shoulder blade to be poorly positioned leading to muscle imbalance and weakness in the rotator cuff muscles and impingement of the bursa called bursitis.

  • The bursa and cuff tendon can become squashed between the bones and cause severe pain especially sleeping at night or when you reach up or behind with your arm.

  • If your shoulder pain is NOT going away you need to be assessed by one of our highly trained Physiotherapists who deal with shoulder blade positional problems every day.

  • Getting the shoulder blade position correct with specific treatment and exercise will make all the difference and get you pain free.

  • Getting this right can avoid the need for surgery.

So Contact us to start management of your shoulder pain with the East Gosford Shoulder Program to stop it getting worse and causing more wear and tear.

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