How is Bursa Treated?

Effective pain relief of Bursitis. By Russell Tuckerman, Principal Physiotherapist at East Gosford Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Centre What is Bursitis? Bursitis is a painful swelling and inflammation of a Bursa (small fluid sac which protects other [...]

Acute or Chronic Pain

WHAT IS ACUTE PAIN? Acute pain is pain the comes suddenly and is caused by an injury or inflammation and can last for seconds or weeks. It tends to go away when the underlying cause goes away. Acute pain [...]

Yoga & Pilates

East Gosford Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre offers small, friendly and safe Yoga and Pilates floor classes from a comfortable air-conditioned room in East Gosford. A highly trained, caring Exercise Physiologist runs the classes and works closely with the expert [...]

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