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Yoga and Pilates - East Gosford

Small group classes run by highly trained professionals.

If you're considering Yoga and/or Pilates classes, then visit East Gosford Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre to attend safe and effective classes run in small groups.

Never done Yoga or Pilates Before? Contact the physiotherapists at East Gosford Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre for a personalised assessment and preconditioning program to ensure you're safe and ready to start Yoga or Pilates classes.

Do you have back pain? This doesn't mean you can't do exercise classes. BOUNCE back (add link) classes have been specifically designed to reduce your pain while suiting almost any person. You'll be challenged and move more effectively in a matter of weeks. You'll also be able to attend Yoga or Pilates classes before you know it. Don't risk Yoga or Pilates classes if you've had past injuries or if you're still experiencing pain without first speaking to the specialists at East Gosford Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre.

Call today on 4323 7499 to get yourself ready for Yoga, Pilates or any other form of exercise. They'll get your body right!

Our Philosophy:
"To provide a pathway to a healthy, pain free life by addressing your problems, managing your pain and stiffness, identifying contributing factors and delivering sustainable solutions with exercise and self-management".