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Yoga & Pilates Classes

East Gosford Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre offers small, friendly and safe Yoga and Pilates floor classes from a comfortable air-conditioned room in East Gosford.

A highly trained, caring Exercise Physiologist runs the classes and works closely with the expert spinal physiotherapists at East Gosford Physiotherapy.

It doesn't matter what level of experience you have, or if you have never even done an exercise class before, you will find each session fun and challenging.

There is an exercise program to suit everybody, and you can apply your knowledge of core stability and posture to everyday situations.

The Vinyasa Yoga classes fall under the general Hatha Yoga banner and are designed to bring balance to the body. Vinyasa Yoga classes are inspired by the ancient discipline of yoga but implement a safe and practical approach to teaching good posture to suit modern day lifestyles.

Our Pilates program is matt based and run by highly trained Pilates experts , and will be presented to you, at a level you will be challenged and can manage, based on you past experience with Pilates. Beginners are very Welcome.

Contact us and Book an Appointment to view the Yoga & Pilates website or to book into a class.

Don't feel you are ready for Yoga or Pilates? Book an appointment with a highly trained physiotherapist at East Gosford Physiotherapy for an assessment. They can help you on your pathway to pain free movement and safe placement in a Yoga or Pilates class.

Our Philosophy:
"To provide a pathway to a healthy, pain free life by addressing your problems, managing your pain and stiffness, identifying contributing factors and delivering sustainable solutions with exercise and self-management".