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Our Sports Programs


East Gosford Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre has been managing sports injuries for over 20 years.

We have developed some specific programs to help Central Coast Sportsmen, women and children keep enjoying their sports without injury, with our Injury Prevention Programs. (Click on your sport above)

If you are injured, we have highly trained physiotherapists ready to treat your sports injury and look at the factors which may have caused it initially.

We use manual therapy, massage, dry needling and taping to get you pain free as well as sport specific exercises to get you playing again.

We will then perform a Posture and Movement Analysis or Biomechanical screen, to look at underlying factors that my have contributed to your sports injury, so we can prevent it happening again. This is part of our Pain to Performance model which will not only resolve your sports injury or pain , but get you back stronger and fitter than ever before.

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Our Philosophy:
"To provide a pathway to a healthy, pain free life by addressing your problems, managing your pain and stiffness, identifying contributing factors and delivering sustainable solutions with exercise and self-management".