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East Gosford Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre has worked with a local orthopaedic surgeon and pain specialists to develop a program to treat shoulder and arm pain (particularly when it is NOT going away).

Shoulder and arm pain can occur with injury, or with people over 40 for no reason, and often has a postural component in the cause. The rotator cuff is a complex group of muscles which rely on a stable shoulder blade to function well. If your shoulder blade is not sitting in the correct positon or is moving incorrectly you may cause an impingement in your shoulder. This is simply a ‘squashing’ of your bursa or cuff tendon and is very painful.

So if your shoulder pain is NOT going away you need to be assessed by our highly trained physiotherapists who deal with shoulder blade positional problems every day. Getting the position of the shoulder blade ‘right’ with specific treatment and exercise can make all the difference and get you pain free.

Contact East Gosford Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre and start your treatment to stop your shoulder pain getting worse and causing more wear and tear.

Our Philosophy:
"To provide a pathway to a healthy, pain free life by addressing your problems, managing your pain and stiffness, identifying contributing factors and delivering sustainable solutions with exercise and self-management".