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Pain Management – Acute or Chronic

Acute pain is short term pain, that can last from seconds or weeks.

It is the warning bell or alarm in your body and brain, telling you there is something wrong and it makes you deal with it, like rest and seek treatment. This allows you to manage what is causing the acute pain and the pain usually stops with this treatment, medication or rest, your body starts to heal, and the pain resolves.

Chronic pain or Persisting pain is pain which lasts for a longer period (greater than 3 months) and it tends to persist beyond the normal healing time of injury. Strangely, this type of pain can sometimes start spontaneously or can just persist after injury or surgery and can have no obvious reason. Chronic pain can even persist once your tissue has healed or repaired and your scans and X ray are normal.

We now know Chronic or Persisting pain is a problem with the Nervous system (brain and nerves).

It is common that a person with Persisting pain, is worried that their injury or problem has not healed, and that their pain is an indicator of continued injury or damage. It is important this is ruled out by your doctor or physio (with test and examinations), and when it is ruled out, it is time to understand a bit more about your pain and what you have to do, to feel better.

At this stage we find your system is hypersensitive and simple things like bending, moving and touch can cause your pain to feel much worse. Even your mood, emotions and stress can make your pain feel worse.

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How We Can Help?

Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology will aim to get you safely moving again in a way that will NOT cause injury. Unfortunately, ‘NOT MOVING’, tends to make you stiffer and sorer and you soon find out that the fear of moving is often worse than the movement.

We will help you to LEARN about your pain, and what you can do to help it. We will help you connect your brain and body, to safely move with pain, which surprisingly helps you to better manage your pain.

We will develop a movement and exercise program to manage your persisting pain and help you develop strength and endurance to get you back into the life you had before pain!

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Our Philosophy:
"To provide a pathway to a healthy, pain free life by addressing your problems, managing your pain and stiffness, identifying contributing factors and delivering sustainable solutions with exercise and self-management".