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Preventing Injuries in Australian Rules Football

Preventing Injuries in Australian Rules Football

Greater core and spinal strength means fewer injuries and improved safety!

Australian Rules Football is a tough, injury prone sport and there are many things local or community players can do to prevent and manage injuries.

East Gosford Physiotherapy and Sports Injuries Centre has highly trained sports physios who have experience in managing Australian Rules Football players injuries and can help advise in injury preventative strategies.

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We advise Aussie Rules players to take injury management seriously and seek advice from a physiotherapist to manage the injury quickly and effectively. This will get the player back on the paddock faster, and with less chance of reinjury.

FootyFirst had been developed by the AFL with injury prevention and training in mind. This is available free of charge ( link below) and East Gosford Physio are able to work you through the program.


A training program to prevent leg injuries in the Australian Football Community.
Greater  Flexibility and spinal/ core strength means fewer injuries and improved safety!

This exercise and warm up program has been designed by the AFL, for all levels of football players, called FootyFirst. The FootyFirst program for injury prevention has been endorsed by the AFL Medical Officers Association.

{“The AFL Medical Officers Association believes FootyFirst has the potential to reduce the risk of leg injuries for community football players and lead to improved individual and team performance. FootyFirst is based on the latest available research and is similar to the programs used in AFL clubs but modified to suit the needs, context and abilities in community football. The AFL Medical Officers Association highly recommends FootyFirst to all community football coaches and players. This is the type of training program that will ensure you get the most out of your players.”
– AFL Medical Officers Association (September 2011)  }

FootyFirst includes:

It is suggested you make an appointment with one of the specialist sports physiotherapists at East Gosford Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre to ensure there are no musculoskeletal barriers to you starting this program.

We have developed High Performance, Return to sport biomechanical assessment protocols to ensure you are safe to play. Contact us to make an appointment for a Return to Sport assessment.

Find out how to apply this general program to your specific requirements or improve your fitness and prevent injury during AFL training and games.
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Contact East Gosford Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre today for an appointment to show you how to use the FootyFirst Warm-up and Injury Prevention Program..

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